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SRPM services a wide variety of industries but is not limited to any one in particular, from the most demanding to small commercial entities that seek quality products. We are always looking for new industries that challenge our capability and motivate our pursuit of manufacturing excellence.


Mechanical components for the electronic and microwave industry, such as housings, chassis’s, thin walled frames and subassemblies, where precise tolerances and flatness are critical.

SRPM utilizes unique work-holding methods and machining processes which reduce the stress and distortion caused by proportionately large material removal and thin walled surfaces.

Defense/Rugged Computer Cases

SRPM was a primary machining source for the launch of a Military Rugged Tablet (MRT) from DRS Technologies primarily for situational awareness and command control for the Army’s Movement Tracking System (MTS).

Machined components and assemblies, including Rugged Computer Chassis, Monolithic structural panels, Satellite and communication equipment. Light control panels and housings.


Monolithic Aluminum components that were once produced from assemblies of sheet metal are now machined as a single, lighter structure. Manufacturing innovation like high-speed machining has made it possible to produce thin-ribbed single structures.

Life support/restraint hardware, flight and recovery hardware machined from Stainless Alloys.


SRPM provides precision CNC machining for Prosthetic Limb components to enhance movement.


SRPM has been involved with special tooling of the auto industry through the development and transition from noisy pneumatic assembly air tools to quieter lighter DC tools.

Products for the energy industry consist of coupling, boring heads and valve bodies machined from heat and corrosion resistant materials such as titanium, Inconels and other exotic alloys