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SRPM engineers streamline the precision machining project from concept to completion by creating better processes that are more efficient and deliver a return on your investment.

We know that all machining companies strive for precision, but we’ve integrated quality into our engineering process and look at each project for its ease of machining to your exact specifications.

Do you have an engineering challenge in your machining project? We can help. Our experienced engineers provide feasible alternatives to your engineering issues. When you submit your project to us, if it can’t be machined as is, we can use our powerful CAD/CAM programming system to suggest manufacturing modifications in a model format for your evaluation.

This approach benefits our customers by:

  • Greatly reducing customer engineering and manufacturing expense.
  • Providing a three- dimensional representation that results in enhanced manufacturing concepts and significantly decreases the programming process.
  • Improving the accuracy during inspection.

We use engineering software including SolidWorks and Pro/Engineer CAD.